Rock paper scissors dynamite

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How to win Rock-paper-scissors every time

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How to win Rock-paper-scissors every time

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I was curious to see how the computer would do against a random number generator in excel where 1=rock, 2=paper, and 3=scissors.

First to 30 was the winner. Results: 29 wins, 29 ties, and 30 losses.

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May 05,  · How to Play Rock, Paper, Scissors. Rock, Paper, Scissors (aka "Ro-Sham-Bo", janken, "Bato, Bato, Pick" and "Scissors, Paper, Stone") is a simple hand game that is played around the world, with many different names and variations. It is commonly used as a way of coming to decisions, and in some cases is even played for.

Rock paper scissors dynamite
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