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The Art of the Cold Email

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Difference Between Resume And Cover Letter

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Get Your Email Organized: Tips to Cut the Time Spent with Email

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Here's how to submit job applications via email.

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When you are using email to apply for jobs, how you send your resume and cover letter is important. Here's how to submit job applications via email.

How People Judge You Based on the Emails You Write. Andrew Youderian - January 22, Again, I realize it’s nearly impossible to cover the fundamentals of good writing with a few bullet points. It really is a life-long pursuit. And much of this is as much related to formatting as to actual writing.

Meet Rapportive. #5 - Rapportive: LinkedIn Profiles inside Gmail If you use Google Apps for Business (like we do) or Gmail, you'll love this free tool from LinkedIn.

It is a plugin that works in Firefox or Chrome that will show you details from a contact's LinkedIn profile from right inside Gmail. Use Rapportive. Rapportive is a Gmail plugin that allows you to pull social information from any email address in your Gmail tab. You can use Rapportive to guess and check several email address ideas to find out which one is the right one.

6 Step Guide on Free PR for Startups. Last updated on November 7, To be honest, I wanted to not like the guest post you'll read today. "PR" can be terribly boring. Before I started reading it, I decided that I wasn't going to share it.

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When I write a reply to an email, Rapportive will pull up their photo and personal details. titles, subtitles, and add some bullet points for the key points I want to cover. I write this outline in Evernote, and you’ll see why in a second! Here’s the thing: 12 thoughts on “Making a Podcast: The 30 Tools & Resources That We Use.

Rapportive writing a cover
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