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Oct 25,  · There's an inconvenient truth that Asian hotel owners – like many owners elsewhere probably – are dismayed how the hotel industry has allowed itself to be in the sad state it is in.

Jul 07,  · Airbnb was recently valued at an eleven figure sum, which overshadows all, except the largest hotel chains. The usual criticisms to tech valuations aside, the impact of Airbnb on the traditional. Jul 07,  · Airbnb was recently valued at an eleven figure sum, which overshadows all, except the largest hotel chains.

The usual criticisms to tech valuations aside. Excellent Location and Great Options at the Best Price. Come and stay at Hotel Grand Continental Kuala Lumpur in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and discover a place that keeps you close where you need to be.


Strategically located at the heart of the city, this 3-star urban retreat is surrounded by vibrant corporate and commercial hubs and interesting. The Industry Council facilitates collaboration, leadership, education and procurement opportunities for the advancement and development of supplier excellence, as well as providing unique training and mentorship opportunities for small business owners and associates.

Information of Malaysia's and Asia's various industries, providers and exporters. Include manufacturer and supplier of furniture, fire extinguisher, swimming pool eqquipment, web design, used cars, rubber molded product, and other list of supplier and manufacturer in Malaysia and Asia.

Hotel industry in malaysia
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